How To Have A Safe And Fun New Year Celebration!

Can you believe that 2018 is almost over already? It has been a whirlwind of a year and we have enjoyed every moment of it! As a family focused company, we want to thank you for giving us an amazing year by helping you welcome in 2019 the best way we know how. So here’s to you! Have a safe and fun New Year Celebration!

Have A Safe New Year

Before we talk about all of the fun things to do in Minnesota to celebrate the New Year, we have start with how to make sure you stay safe while bringing in 2019.

Call An Uber

Look, if you drink just don’t drive! Uber is an amazing option that will get you from point A to point B without you having to worry about driving while under the influencer.

Use the Buddy System

Going out with friends? Stay with them! Don’t go off alone or let one of your friends do so either. There’s safety in numbers and the buddy system works.

Be Vigilant

I know, you are out having fun with your friends… but you should still remain vigilant. Don’t leave your drink out of sight, be aware of your surroundings…

Fun New Year In Minnesota

Now that I’ve been a bit of a buzz kill, let’s kick it up a notch and talk about all of the fun New Year’s Celebrations here in Minnesota!

Snowta NYE Festival

Check out the Snowta Festival in Minneapolis ad experience the most magnificent NYE event to ever take place in the Midwest.

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball is the big event in the Twin Cities for New New Year’s Eve. With live entertainment, food, and of course a countdown to midnight, you are guaranteed to love this ticketed event!

Be safe and have fun this New Year! Enjoy your friends, go to the party, attend a local event…. But most of all be safe!

Happy New year from the M&G team and we look forward to all that is ahead in 2019!

What Manufacturers Does M&G Carry?

If you are in the market for a new or used trailer in Minnesota, M&G Trailer sales has you covered. With available options from some of the biggest trailer manufactures in the industry, you are guaranteed to find what you need here! Not sure what you need? No problem!  Our service and sales experts are always here to help! If you are having trouble deciding on a specific manufacturer, let us help walk you through them and let you know what manufacturers M&G carries!

Aluma Trailers at M&G

M&G carries a wide variety of Aluma trailers. As one of the top aluminum trailer manufacturers in the country, Aluma offers a wide range of models and units including utility, ATV, snowmobile, motorcycle, watercraft, car hauler trailers as well as truck beds. M&G is one of the largest volume dealers of Aluma, carrying over 100 Snowmobile, Utility, ATV, Car Hauler, Cargo, Motorcycle and Tilt Deck Trailers.

Floe Trailers at M&G

At M&G, we carry an assortment of FLOE models including Protecktor, Versa-Max, and CargoMax, open snowmobile and FLOE ‘s extremely versatile utility trailers. If you need a trailer that can haul your ATVs, Lawn Mowers, dirt, gravel, and furniture, go with the FLOE!

H&H Trailers at M&G

At M&G, we recognize the quality and popularity of H&H and our inventory is supplied with a wide variety of their trailers including ATV, Car Hauler, Cargo, Dump, Equipment, Flat Deck and Utility. As one of the largest H&H dealers in North America, we’re sure you’ll the perfect trailer!

Midsota Trailers at M&G

Our Midsota inventory at M&G has everything you need from heavy equipment to mini dump. Most Midsota trailers come with a 5-year frame warranty and customization options!

Triton Trailers at M&G

To ensure our customers have a great selection of top-quality trailers, we carry a large inventory of Triton trailers at great prices

M&G Trailer Sales not only carries the aforementioned trailers, we keep a wide stock of RC, Smart Transport, Sure Trac, Towmaster, Haulmaster, and US cargo Trailers as well.

If you want to see our entire inventory, then stop by or take a look here. You can contact one of our expert customer service representatives who will love to help you find just the right trailer for you!


Minnesota Christmas Traditions

There is a lot to love about Minnesota during Christmas time. Not only is it a beautiful time to spend with family, it is also a time to put all of the quirky Minnesota Christmas Traditions out on full display! Between the food, shopping, and entertainment, Minnesota Christmas traditions set the people here apart from the rest of the nation in a very special way.

Spend Time Outside

No matter what the weather, Minnesotans enjoy being outside! You will see everyone outside in the snow sledding, building snowmen, and having epic snowball fights!

Visit the Mall of America

Minnesota is home to the biggest mall in the US, Mall of America, and one big Minnesota Christmas tradition is to head out and visit this Goliath of a shopping center. From browsing the sales to checking out the massive decor, there is always something to do!

Eat Lefse

Traditional Norwegian holiday lefse served with butter

Minnesota has its roots in Scandinavian culture, so many of the traditional dishes are handed down from Vikings past.  Lefse is a Norwegian flatbread, usually cooked on a large griddle, and topped with butter, fruit, cinnamon, or sugar! This is a Christmas tradition favorite for many Minnesotans.

Try and Eat The Lutefisk

Another dish born from the Norwegian tradition is Lutefisk. While this may not be a “favorite” of many people, it is something everyone has to try at least once. This dish is made from dried and salted whitefish “marinated” in lye. So if you have an adventurous pallet and want to try a traditional dish, then jump on in and try the Lutefisk.

Take in a Hotdish

We all love a good warm casserole, but in Minnesota you better call it by the right name! Minnesotans are passionate about their Hotdish!


Dusty Hoskovec Photography via

Holidazzle is the biggest Christmas festival in the state of Minnesota! With beautiful lights, tons of vendors, foods, movies and more. Hordes of Minnesotans travel from all around the state just to attend this Holiday spectacular.

There’s a Pickle in The Tree

The tradition of the Christmas pickle has been making its way around the nation, but it has always been a big deal in Minnesota. On Christmas morning young and old gather around the tree, trying to be the first to spot the Christmas pickle. First to spot the pickle gets an extra special gift!

Charlie Brown Christmas is a BIG Deal

So I know, Charlie Brown is a big deal everywhere, but since Charles Schultz is a Minnesota native, the people take this just a bit more seriously!

Minnesotans are a fun and quirky group of people, and they really know how to do Christmas up right!

Still need to haul your Christmas Tree home? Stop by M&G Trailer Sales and let us set you up with the perfect trailer for you!

All About M&G Rental Trailers


Sometimes a big job or project comes up and you find yourself in desperate need of a trailer. Say for instance you are moving, renovating your home, or clearing land .. In all of these situations, a trailer could make your life so much easier… The issue though, is do you really want to purchase a new trailer when you will only need it for a day or two? Stop worrying, and just rent what you need from M&G Trailer Rentals.  No need to spend money you don’t have to on equipment you won’t use, with M&G you can reap all of the benefits of trailer ownership for a period of time and then return it when the job is done!

Why Rent A Trailer?

You may be wondering why you should rent a trailer as opposed to just buying one. Many people benefit from trailer ownership, but there are also a plethora of people who simply need a trailer for a single job. These people would benefit most from trailer rental.

If you are moving and need an enclosed trailer for a day, it wouldn’t make any sense to go out and buy one. You need this for a day, so rent a trailer. Get your use out of it and move on.

When you rent a trailer you don’t need to worry about storage, maintenance, services, upgrades or any of the other things that go along with owning your own trailer.

All you need to worry about when renting a trailer is providing proof of your car insurance. When you rent, yes, you are responsible for any and all damages, but this is no different than renting a car.

So if you have a job you need done, you can check out all of the available M&G Trailer Rentals.

M&G  Minnesota Trailer Rentals

So if you’ve decided to rent a trailer for your job in Minnesota, you may be wondering what type of trailer you even need! If you aren’t sure exactly what you need, that’s okay. The trailer experts at M&G are here to help you. Below, you can even see a few of the many available rental options.

Rental Dump Trailer

Learn more about dump trailers and all of their uses here!

Rental Enclosed Trailer

Learn all about the many uses of enclosed trailers here!

Rental Utility Trailer

Learn all about utility trailers here!

If you are ready to get started on your next job, let M&G help get you set up with the perfect trailer rental for your needs! Call us today and one of our customer service experts will be happy to get you started.