How to Determine the Right Size Trailer

How to Determine the Right Size Trailer

Have you been using a trailer for years, but it does not seem to be what you need? Are you upgrading what you are pulling and need to find something a bit bigger or something sturdier? Finding the right size trailer is dependent upon many aspects. One being, what kind of towing vehicle you are going to be using.  This will determine the tongue weight so you can figure out how much you have left over for the trailer and additional cargo!

You also have to look at the different trailer types and their sizes. Because there are so many different sizes and classes, you need to consider the long term affect when purchasing your trailer. Lastly, what are you trying to haul on the trailer. Are you planning to move your motorcycle, do you need to haul large equipment for work, or do you need something a bit heavier duty to dump things?

Here are a few different options to help you determine what size trailer you may need!

How to Determine the Right Size Trailer

If you are planning to transport something smaller like a motorcycle, check out this model. The Aluma MC210 Aluminum Motorcycle trailer.

Sizing: 11’6” by 6’5”.

This is a smaller but more specified trailer. It is easy to store and has a ramp to easily take your bike on and off.

Do you typically have a lot of equipment to haul around?

With more weight, you are going to need a larger trailer that allows more cargo room as well as taking safety precautions very seriously. The Midsota ET8220 Equipment Trailer gives you a lot more space (20’0” by 6’10”) and has an adjustable 2-5/16” Coupler with a Beaver tail and spring Assist 5’ Fold up Ramps. This is much more practical for larger items, machinery, or a large quantity of equipment pieces.

Midsota ET8220 Equipment Trailer

Looking for something a bit heavier duty?

If you are in the construction field and are used to dumping things frequently, you are going to need something with that capability as well as having the space to carry everything that you need to transport.

This 2019 H&H 14’ Dump 14K Trailer has everything you need to get the job done. It is 14’ 0” by 6’ 11” and has plenty of room for everything you need to fill in this trailer. With LED lights full electric brakes, a 4” suspension and a barn door rear gate with ramps, you won’t have to have an additional trailer for any of your needs. If you require a heavy duty, reliable, and sleek dump trailer, this may be exactly what you need.

Mo matter what your needs, M&G Trailer Sales has you covered! We carry a wide variety of Aluma, Midsota, H&H and more! So come on in and let one of our sales experts help you find the perfect trailer for you today.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Midsota Trailers

Starting as a welding company in 1971, Midsota Manufacturing was renamed and rebranded as a maker of trailers in 2002. Since then, Midsota Trailers has grown rapidly and is now the proud maker of several different types of trailers.

Midsota’s goal is to be a company that isn’t afraid to continuously improve their products to meet the needs of their consumers. Through continued innovation and foresight, Midsota has been able to automate the trailer-manufacturing process and develop their features to become some of the best in the industry. From dump trailers to flatbeds, Midsota is sure to have the trailer you’ve been searching for.

As a certified Midsota dealership, M&G Trailers is proud to offer their models in store. Here’s a few currently in stock:

Midsota Equipment Trailers

Midsota Equipment Trailers

If you find yourself constantly hauling a heavy load of tools and equipment, then you need to invest in one of Midsota’s models of equipment trailers. M&G offers the best deals on equipment trailers with guaranteed service after the sale. This 2019 Midsota TB-22 Tilt Bed 17k model comes in Safety Green and features forward self-adjusting brakes, LED lights, tandem 8000# spring axles, and a toolbox. It’s the perfect companion to your next road trip.

Midsota Utility Trailer

The UT series of trailers from Midsota Manufacturing are built to last through the toughest conditions. With exclusive features, these utility trailers will get anything you need from Point A to Point B safely and efficiently. Take a look at this brand-new trailer, the 2019 Midsota 83″x14′ Solid Side Utility Trailer. It features a single 3500# axle, integrated tie downs, bead blasted and painted with 2-part polyurethane paint, and a spare tire carrier. This utility trailer can be yours for only $2,395.

Midsota Goose Neck Flat Deck

Midsota Trailers offers a large selection of Low Pro and Deckover flatbeds fit for any vehicle or truck. These commercial-grade trailers are certainly heavy-duty and are guaranteed to get everything you need to the next destination all in one piece.

M&G Trailers provides several different options for flatbed trailers. This 2019 Midsota FB32 Goose Neck Flat Deck is 32’ by 8’6” and includes E range tires, a goose neck coupler, hydraulic 9’ beaver tail, dual hydraulic jacks, and a solar charger. Get in contact with us for a great deal on a Midsota flatbed today!


Take a look at the full selection of Midsota Trailers at M&G Trailers here and at our showroom in Ramsey, MN.