If you think back to your favorite 4th of July, two thoughts probably come to mind immediately: fireworks and food! Whether it was a simple backyard barbecue with the family, camping at a national park, or becoming a beach bum watching the summer sun set, food has always been part of our American tradition to celebrate the birth of our nation. Bring back fond memories and create amazing new ones with these Traeger Grill recipes! From simple sides like braised green beans to memorable main courses like tender smoked barbecue ribs, we have six handpicked grill recipes that will please any patriotic pallet on your 4th of July weekend.

Traeger grill recipes - grilled apple pie

GRILL – Grilled Apple Pie

Apple pie is as American as it gets, and Traeger cooks up this crispy sweet treat with a hint of smokiness from the grill. This dessert is the perfect way to top off any holiday meal from its flakey baked crust to its juicy sweet filling of slow cooked apple goodness! Watch faces at the table light up like fireworks as you present this confectionary legend as your grand finale to your meal!

Traeger grill recipes - smoked pasta salad

SMOKE – Smoked Pasta Salad

What celebration is complete without a large bowl of zesty pasta salad? Traeger knows how to make this dish a party of savory seasonings and fresh ingredients. This people-pleaser features crisp vegetables, chewy pepperoni, and smooth mozzarella cheese all smoked and combined with tender rotini pasta, then tossed with a tangy homemade vinaigrette. Deliver this delicious Traeger grill recipes dish to the table and be the hero of the night!

Trager grill recipes - salted baked potatoes

BAKE – Salt Crusted Baked Potatoes

It’s great to find simple dishes that pair well with almost anything. It doesn’t get much easier than coating russet potatoes with smooth canola oil, splashing on kosher salt, and putting these soldiers undercover in your Traeger Grill for just under 45 minutes for a perfectly smoked crispy potato skin with a soft and fluffy center. Then arm your potatoes with your choice of smooth butter, fluffy sour cream, fresh chives, crunchy bacon bits, and sharp cheddar cheese. Set these delicate masterpieces on your table for battle and watch them be attacked by hungry mouths!

roasted beer can chicken

ROAST – Roasted Beer Can Chicken

Impress your dinner guests with this mouthwatering dish that requires minimal ingredients and effort. With just Traeger Chicken Rub, a chicken, and a can of your favorite beer you can have a succulent bird with perfectly crispy smoked skin. This grill recipe will make chicken so tender and beautifully seasoned that everyone at the table will raise a glass (or a can) to it! It easily makes the list of best summer holiday Traeger grill recipes.

butter braised green beans

BRAISE – Butter Braised Green Beans

Want to bring greens to your red, white, and blue holiday meal? Escape boring, soggy green beans that have to be fished out of a can. Instead, follow this savory grill recipe with fresh or frozen green beans. These appetizing green beans come off the grill with a delicate smoky texture and a splash of flavor from the Traeger Veggie Rub and a dash of pepper with each bite. Decorate your plate and bring honor to any main course you serve.

Traeger grill recipes - barbecue ribs

BARBECUE – Fall-Off-The-Bone BBQ Ribs

Barbecue food is almost synonymous with summertime and grilling outside. Remember the first time you had those unforgettable ribs that almost evaporated when they touched your tongue? Or diving into that rack of tender, meaty ribs with crispy burnt skin so deeply you didn’t care how much sauce was on your hands? Share that experience through your holiday meal with this Traeger grill recipe that locks in the spices and juiciness with a basting of barbecue sauce. Let these ribs leave hearts warm and hands sticky at your table!

Putting together amazing meals is easy with Traeger Grills. With a Traeger you can grill, smoke, roast, braise and barbecue your meals in one. These top-of-the-line grills are enabled with WiFIRE technology so you can control the heat of the grill, monitor your food’s temperature, and browse grill recipes within Traeger’s phone app. Just connect the app on your smartphone and grilling is easier than ever. Purchase your grill, wood-pellets, Traeger sauces and more at M&G Trailer Sales and Service. You’ll want to cook up these grill recipes for you and your loved ones this 4th of July weekend!

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