The Best Snowmobile Trails in Minnesota

For some, winter weather means more time indoors, cuddled up by a fire, watching a holiday flick, but not for Minnesotans. Our state is packed with some of the best lakes in all of the US. From fishing, biking and boating in the summer to skiing, ice fishing, and snowmobiling in the winter, it’s true that our Minnesota neighbors make the most of their beloved outdoors. That’s why we gathered this list of Minnesota snowmobile trails.

As the snow starts falling and the trails get packed, you may be looking for new Minnesota snowmobile trails. No matter which part of the state you live in, you won’t have to look far. Below, we’re going to cover some of our favorite trails and lend a little insight to what you can expect, and what to look out for, during your next snowmobiling adventure.

Minnesota Snowmobile Trails Along the Soo Line

If you’re looking for some of the best snowmobiling in the state, you probably already know about the trails along the Soo Line. This area offers a variety of trails and views for all skill sets. We’ll cover a few of our favorites along this line below.

The Willard Munger State Trail


Only an hour outside of the Minneapolis suburbs, the key trailhead at Willard Munger State Trails is located in Hinckley, just off of Interstate 35. While the long, northern bound trail is relatively flat, there is a multitude of club-maintained crossing trails that lead into the Soo Line trail and other trails in the Mille Lacs Lake Area.

Avid snowmobilers report that the conditions are pretty consistent, and the main Munger trail typically has better snow if the side trails aren’t as maintained. This mainline runs 70 miles from Hinckley to Duluth, located on Lake Superior. It features a multitude of fueling and food stops.

For this trail, it doesn’t matter if you stick to the beaten path or opt for something a little more adventurous, you are sure to have a great time. Before you go, you’ll want to check the snow conditions to ensure you’re in for a fun-filled day.

Soo Line South Trail


If you’re searching for a more midland experience, the Soo South Trail is sure to be exciting. Some say it’s even more scenic than the Willard Munger Trail discussed above. The expansive 126-miles trail commences at Saunders Junction in Superior, Wisconsin, and winds its way southwesterly into Royalton, Minnesota.

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Snowmobilers can experience a mix of woods, farmland, and trestle crossings on the Kettle River and Birch Creek. That being said, this rural landscape has less pit stops along the way, so you’ll want to be sure you’re fueled up before your ride.

Before you head out, it’s always best to check the trail conditions to ensure its optimal for your snowmobiling.

Northwoods Minnesota Snowmobile Trails

While the Soo Line is certainly home to some of the best trails in the northern part of our great state, we’d be remiss without talking about the next trail on our list.

The C.J. Ramstad/North Shore State Trail


The C.J. Ramstad/North Shore State Trail is a 146-mile natural-surface trail from Duluth to Grand Marais. The trail runs through St. Louis, Lake and Cook counties in northeastern Minnesota, and is named after one of Minnesota’s top snowmobilers who especially enjoyed this section of snowmobiling.

This trail offers an amazing view of Lake Superior on its way to Grand Marais, and has something to offer for any experience level. Because of its remote location, you’ll encounter many wild animals, but not so many fuel stops.

It’s always best to let someone know your plans and to check the conditions before heading out to this trail, or any other trail. Also note that the weather often changes rapidly in these areas, so it’s always good to bring extra gear, food and water.

However, if you can respect the weather and the animals in this area, you’ll be rewarded with 22,000 miles of groomed trails that wind through some of the most gorgeous parts of our state.

Southern Minnesota Snowmobile Trails

While most of Minnesota snowmobile trails can be found in the northern part of the state, we can’t discount the beauty of Minnesota’s heartland.

Goodhue Pioneer State Trail


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Frequently overlooked for its snowmobiling experiences, this southern trail is close to twin-cities but offers a totally different terrain. Along this 47-mile trail, you’ll encounter prairie, forests and river valley trails — some of Minnesota’s most varied snowmobiling experiences.

However, you’ll want to double-check the conditions before heading south. That being said, this region historically gets hit by active snow lines when large snow storms head east. However, this area will also heat up more quickly, so you’ll want to double-check the riding conditions before you hit the trail.

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