Cadillac on a flatbed with grill and towed by yellow truck

A car trailer is a wonderful tool for hauling vehicles. No matter if you are working on a weekend project, hauling a classic to shows, or running the racing circuit, there is a perfect car hauler out there for your needs. These versatile trailers come in a range of capabilities depending on what you need and how many cars you want to haul at once. While having a range of options is a benefit, it can also make things harder at times. That is why M&G Trailer Sales wants to help you by answering some of the frequently asked questions we get when it comes to purchasing the right car trailer.

Does My Tow Vehicle Matter?

The vehicle you plan on towing with will determine what car trailer you will be able to handle. The majority of half ton trucks are perfectly capable of towing one-car trailers. If you need a 2-car trailer, you will most likely need a three-quarter ton truck or larger.

Do I Need Enclosed or Open?

This is also dependent on your needs and the type of vehicles you will be hauling. If you plan on towing race cars, classic cars, or other types of show cars, it is highly recommended that you purchase an enclosed car hauler. This will protect your vehicle from the elements and allow for space to carry extra parts and tools.

An open air car trailer would be a great option if you do not need the extra space for tools. If you have a derby car, if you are hauling vehicles from a lot to another lot or a lot to home, etc…then an open air car hauler may be the right investment for you.

Do I Need The “Extras”?

Again, this depends on what your goals are for your car hauler. Honestly, the “extras” are fun and can be truly beneficial to you. For example, you may want to do shelving or climate control if you are hauling a show car. Running the race circuit? Let M&G help you customize your car trailer to show off your brand. The little extras can really enhance your experience and allow you to get the most out of your new trailer.

M&G Trailer Sales Is Here To Help

So are you ready to make a purchase? Maybe you still have a few questions about your perfect car hauler. No matter what your question, one of the customer service specialists at M&G Trailer Sales is here to help. Contact one of our specialists and they will walk you through the process to getting your car trailer to fit your needs today.

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