Enclosed cargo trailers are prized for their hard-working functionality, hauling everything from mowers to snowmobiles to vintage automobiles, but there are another set of fans who look at cargo trailers and see a blank canvas to be converted into retreats, work-spaces and even party central.

Whether you want to “glamp,” need a mobile office, or have a niche so specialized there just doesn’t seem to be a trailer on the market to suit your needs, consider starting with a versatile, affordable and easy-to-tow cargo trailer. Do-it-yourself or work with skilled fabricating service department like the M&G Trailer Sales service center, to transform your utility trailer into a one-of-a-kind wonder.

From modest modification to complete do-over, consider some of the unique ways to transform a utility trailer.

Cargo Trailer Mobile Office

Cargo trailers frequently do double-duty as impromptu offices at auto shows and race tracks, but cargo trailer offices can go beyond the makeshift plywood sheet desk. Whether you need extra space on your property for a home office, your work keeps you in the field, or you enjoy the flexibility of being able to take work with you, consider a modified cargo trailer. Add climate control, built-in storage, lighting work surfaces, and internet access and be on the job wherever you are.

Cargo Trailer Food Truck

Join the food truck revolution with a cargo trailer concession or food truck. If you already have a tow vehicle, convert a cargo trailer to fit your unique needs for cooking or concessions at a fraction of the cost of a full food truck.  With plans as spartan or complex as your menu requires, an enclosed cargo trailer can be an affordable option to a motorized food truck.

Camping Cargo trailer style

When you can’t find every detail you want in a camping trailer within your budget; create your own from a cargo trailer. Converting an enclosed cargo trailer into a camper – either a rugged hunt camp hangout or a customized glamping towable – is a project for the dedicated DIYer, or work with a trusted service department. Do the lion’s share of work yourself and save big on your little trailer.  The light-weight construction of all-aluminum cargo trailers make them an ideal starting point for those who want to keep things light and don’t want to invest in a specialized towing vehicle.

Cargo Trailer Tiny Homes

With their sturdy floors and beefy axles meant to withstand heavy loads, enclosed cargo trailers have become the starting point for thrifty tiny home enthusiasts. The chameleon-like exteriors of cargo trailers mean you keep your tiny house incognito or modify it to resemble a small cottage. Available in sizes ranging from super compact to big enough to carry multiple cars, there’s an enclosed cargo trailer for every tiny home enthusiast from the hard-core 50-square-feet-dweller, to families looking to scale back and live small.

Tailgating Cargo Trailer Style

If installing all the infrastructure required for camping or full-time living is more than you want to tackle, but you still want to host the best weekend tailgate in the stadium parking lot, consider starting with an enclosed cargo trailer. Keep it simple with an awning for outdoor seating, indoor seating, a platform for your generator to keep an air conditioner running before summer turns to winter and warm things up on frigid football weekends.  Or, turn your enclosed cargo trailer into the envy of the parking lot, with a full-kitchen, pass through window, satellite TV hooks ups and private bathrooms.

Mobile Business in a Cargo Trailer

Don’t wait for customers to walk in your door; go to your customers with a cargo trailer-based mobile business. From farriers to dog groomers, savvy business people know that customers crave convenience, and nothing offers the cost-effective convenience of a mobile business operated out of a modified cargo trailer.  Cargo trailers offer complete flexibility for building just what your business needs in a compact, economical package, whether you’re a mobile veterinarian, a small boutique catering to specialized clientele, a mobile masseuse or offering a mobile manicure for parties and girls’ nights, start with a cargo trailer.

Advertise on a Cargo Trailer

Let your trailer do double-duty as a rolling billboard. The blank canvas offered by the smooth, often rivetless exterior of an enclosed cargo trailer is perfect for keeping your advertising in the public eye. From advertising for political candidates, national brands, or your own business.

Cargo Trailer Storage Unit

When tools, crafts vehicles, or sporting goods start taking over your existing space and the continuing cost and inconvenience of a storage unit start getting out of hand, consider an affordable and configurable cargo trailer for storage. Easy to tuck away in the driveway, by the side of the house or adjacent to your business, keep your valuables secure, organized and readily available using an enclosed cargo trailer as a storage facility.

Man Cave or She Shed

Retreat to an affordable man cave or she shed crafted out of an enclosed cargo trailer.  More affordable than a site-built room and found space when every room in the house is spoken for, convert an enclosed cargo trailer into a man space for gaming, sports watching, or hobby time.  With climate control and a blank slate to create upon, an enclosed cargo trailer can become a quilting and sewing center, writer’s retreat or private she shed for reading and relaxing.

The Versatile Cargo Trailer

With more than 100 enclosed cargo trailers available, visit M&G Trailer Sales of Ramsey Minn., in person or online to find a starting point for your dream. Once the trailer experts at M&G have helped you find the perfect trailer to start your modifications, consult with the welding and fabricating professionals in the service center. With a fully-stocked parts department and dedicated service department, you’ll have a head start on converting your enclosed cargo trailer into exactly what you need for work or play.

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