Choosing between an open and enclosed trailer to haul your vehicle can come down to cost, ease of use, and maneuverability verses security and convenience.

Lighter, flexible, and simple to load, open car haulers are an affordable option, while enclosed car haulers offer safe storage for your vehicles and tools but may be too big and cumbersome for quick jaunts across town.

Both styles of car haulers are available in models to carry one or multiple cars and can be customized with options to meet your unique needs, so whether you’re part of an up-and-coming race team, an independent professional car hauler, looking for a way to tote your collectible from show to show, or your race car to the track, there’s a car hauler for you.

Open Car Carriers

Open or flat deck car haulers are reliable, affordable and flexible choices for towing your vehicles.  Generally lighter than enclosed trailers, open trailers may not require a special towing vehicle and are easier on the gas tank.

Open car haulers are available in a variety of configurations from flat beds with slide-in ramps for loading and unloading, beaver tail gate trailers, to tilt models. Top quality manufacturers offer open car trailers manufactured in weight-wise tubular or channel aluminum or brawny steel.  Choose a deck that is treated lumber, aluminum or steel plate.

Aside from great value and ease of use, open car carriers offer many advantages. For those just starting out, a simple single-car open carrier is a great entry point for traveling to the track or classic car shows — or starting a small local business. On longer trips, open car carriers offer greater fuel economy then their bulkier, less aerodynamic, heavier enclosed cousins.

When it comes to multi-tasking, an open car hauler is a champion; it can do double-duty hauling construction supplies, DIY materials, golf carts, ATVs or landscape equipment and materials. When it comes to helping a neighbor move or pitching in on a community project, an open car carrier is your flexible friend

For local car shows, trips to the local track and an all-around serviceability, an open car carrier is a good investment. However, when it comes to storage, security and maximum protection for your investment, it may be time to take a step up to an enclosed trailer.

Enclosed Car Trailers

When you need a trailer as dedicated as you are, it’s time to look for an enclosed car carrier. Enclosed carriers offer the protection and security dedicated haulers need.  Available in a variety of lengths and widths with countless opportunities for customization, an enclosed car trailer can be a spartan shell to hold your car to an-all-in-one hauler, retreat, garage and office.

Enclosed trailers are available in all aluminum for rust-free, light weight hauling, composite, and steel for the toughest jobs. While steel trailers offer years of heavy-weight hauling at a lower purchase price aluminum trailers offer the benefit of less maintenance and towing weight combined with excellent resale value.

An enclosed trailer is a significant investment – and signifies a commitment to serious travel with your vehicle. For those hitting the road for extended trips, long stays at the track or a dedication to classic automobiles, a closed trailer offers critical advantages.

Protect your vehicle from weather and road dirt in an enclosed trailer and leave the track or show venue with confidence, knowing your car, tools and other gear are securely locked away.

Configure your enclosed trailer to include room to work, store gear, and even include climate control and office space to keep working no matter the location and conditions. If weekends at the track or cross-country journeys to exhibit your classic are the blood of life, configure your enclosed car trailer so that when the car pulls out, a man cave remains with places to relax and work without leaving the show or track.

During downtime, an enclosed trailer is a secure place to store your classic, saving garage space while keeping your vehicle in top condition.

Before purchasing any trailer to haul your car, research the models and types on the market today. Assess how far you’ll be towing, and the capabilities of your towing vehicle. Visit M&G Trailer in Ramsey, Minn., where you can see a vast selection of open and enclosed car trailers in person. At M&G connect with knowledgeable staff who can help you evaluate your towing needs and match you up with the best trailers on the market today.  See the complete line of car trailers at M&G Trailers today.

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