When you need towing equipment that works as hard and long as you do, turn to Midsota Manufacturing.  A homegrown company, Midsota Manufacturing crafts heavy-duty dump and off-road trailers that are built to last.

Midsota’s commercial grade steel trailers are built to endure hard work, tough conditions, and come with a five-year frame guarantee for additional peace of mind.  For hard play or hard work, look to Midsota Manufacturing, with its product line of more than 40 different trailer models, ranging from small single-axle utility trailers to dual-axle gooseneck heavy equipment haulers.

Midsota Manufacturing began in a garage in 1971 as a small welding company and continues to grow and innovate at its state-of-the-art production facility in Avon, Minn., where more than 75 employees are focused on customer satisfaction.

Engineers craft trailers with rugged conditions in mind beginning with the in-house 3D-design engineers that start the process to transform more than 3.6 million pounds of steel a year into a Midsota trailer. Steel tubes are cut to form the frame while a plasma cutter precisely shapes the steel sheet into the trailer’s components. From there skilled craftsmen using state-of-the-art equipment grind, shape, bend and form the parts for assembly.

The main frame is hand welded by Midsota’s home-grown welding team, while additional work is completed by the company’s robotic welding arm for consistent, perfect welds every time. The assembled frame is prepped and painted before heading to the finishing department, where the decking, lights, tires, mechanical components, and Midsota features are added.

The quality control and attention to detail from start to finish results in a trailer that works for Midsota’s customers for years to come.

Today Midsota’s product line includes a full line of commercial and off-road dump trailers, skid loader trailers and an extensive line of skid loader attachments, with available options that allow customers to tailor their trailers to meet their exacting towing and hauling needs.

Dump Trailers

Midsota 16′ Dump Trailer – Orange

From minis to commercial tandem axle trailers, Midsota commercial-grade dumps can take anything you can dish at them.  Whether it’s yard work, construction site or farm work, Midsota has a hard-working model to meet your needs.  Midsota features 11 different series in its dump trailer line, including side dumps, farm dumps, and half-flat half-dump models.

Tilt Bed Trailers

Midsota 32′ Flat Bed Goose Neck Tilt Trailer

With both single axle and tandem axle options, these commercial-grade tilt beds work hard for you whether your hauling a snowmobile or snowplow. Find single-axle and dual-axle trailers, enclosed, flat bed, bumper tow and gooseneck trailers to choose from among Midsota’s eight tilt bed trailer product lines.

Flatbed Trailers and Deckover Flatbed Trailers

Loaded with value and exclusive features, Midsota flatbeds are a great value. Available with adjustable coupler or a gooseneck, a beavertail or spring assist stand up ramps, Midsota flat beds are flexible and hardworking.  Midsota flatbed trailers are available in five product lines with options available at each level to assure you get the trailer that best meets your needs.

Utility Trailers

Midsota Utility Trailer

Find a Midsota utility trailer for work or play and tow with confidence.  Across the four model lines, look for high quality wood decking to spring axles.  Expect a variety of color, ramp and tie down options from Midsota.  From ATV trailers with side ramps to specially designed snowmobile haulers, to bi-fold tailgate, to welded D-rings, expect options that will result in a trailer that fits your needs precisely.

Midsota Manufacturing History

Midsota Manufacturing got its start more than 40 years ago as a welding company in Albany Minnesota. In 2002, Sands Welding Incorporated became Midsota Manufacturing and in 2005 the company moved to Avon, Minn.  Within a decade, Midsota was bursting at the seams and purchased a second facility in Avon in 2014.  Today the company is expanding and streamlining its production facilities by 30,000 square feet to better meet the needs of its customers.

Owners, Tim Burg and Joel Bauer are committed to being leaders in the trailer industry while remaining true to “small-town roots.”  Midsota’s quality, innovative products are available across the US and Canadian Provinces, but the small business feel and commitment to customer satisfaction remains the same.

Midsota Manufacturing Trailers are available through a network of about 100 trusted, high quality dealers, such as M&G Trailer Sales in Ramsey, Minn. The Midsota trailer specialists at M&G Trailer Sales can help you choose and customize a Midsota Trailer to meet your towing needs.

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