Something you may not know about Minnesota, is that we are known for some outrageously delicious food! From food inspired by Nordic roots to dishes with an Italian influence, there is nothing you can’t find in the North Star State! So is you are looking to delight your pallet and inspire your inner chef, then you will want to run up and try Minnesota’s most iconic dishes as soon as you can!

Swedish Meatballs

Minnesota is known for its traditional Swedish Meatballs. These savory and easy to make morsels are a staple in most homes. They not only speak to the heritage of the state, they also warm the body and soul.

Hot Dish

Hot Dish

Have no idea what a Hot Dish is? Then you clearly aren’t from around here are you? Hot Dish isn’t actually one meal in particular, but what we Minnesotans call a casserole. Anything made in one dish, and typically served at your typical family holiday or potluck. Casseroles or Hot Dishes as we like to call them, can  be made in a variety of ways! From tater tot hot dishes to chicken, cheese dishes or more!


Another iconic Minnesota meal is gravlax.  This cured salmon, is a traditional Nordic dish that is typically served as an appetizer or on a sandwich. The salmon is cured in salt, sugar, and dill… Sliced thin and and accompanies by a dill and mustard sauce!


Sticking to the common theme here, Lefse is a traditional Norwegian flatbread that is extremely popular in Minnesota. Made with potato, flour, butter, and cream… Then cooked on a large flat griddle.. You won’t be able to go to a holiday party in Minnesota without seeing these tasty flat-breads on the buffet table!


You probably know that there is a heavy Nordic influence in Minnesota, but you may not know that there is also a very large Vietnamese influence as well. With a large number of Vietnamese people settling here, it is no surprise that they brought with them the traditional flavors of their homeland. Pho is one of the most delicious Vietnamese dishes you will ever taste! Rice noodles, thinly cut steak, and an insane broth that takes no less than 8 hours to prepare!

Juicy Lucy

There is quite the debate surrounding the traditional Minnesota Juicy Lucy. Since the 1950s, two infamous bars have been battling over being able to stake claim to the creation of this delicious classic. This cheeseburger stuffed with cheese, and oozing deliciousness is a favorite of all Minnesotans, even if it does tend to make people pick sides in the great 70 year Juicy Lucy debate.

Minnesota has some of the more delicious and unique dishes in the nation. With influences ranging from Nordic to Asian, there is no lock of flavor and tradition here. From traditional smoked fish, to battling burgers, when you come to Minnesota you won’t leave hungry!

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