At M&G we understand how important it is to know what questions to ask when considering the purchase of a new enclosed cargo trailer. Check out the Top 10 Questions to ask before you buy.

#1. What will you be hauling inside your new enclosed cargo trailer?

It’s important to know why you need an enclosed cargo trailer to determine what size you will need, along with extras such as shelving units or temperature control.

#2. What will my enclosed cargo trailer be hooked up to?

Your vehicle could determine a few important factors in the buying process of a new cargo trailer. A few things to consider is the weight of the vehicle, towing capacity, what size hitch, etc.

#3. Do I need to consider the type of roof on my enclosed cargo trailer?

Yes. Understanding the climate of where you are located or traveling with your cargo trailer can be surprisingly vital to your hauling experience. If it’s going to be snowing a lot, you will want a rounded roof versus a flat top. Although more convenient, make sure to keep in mind the round roof adds three to six feet of headroom.

#4. How far am I traveling with my cargo?

Depending on how far you are traveling with your cargo, you will want to consider having mounted spare tires, a door back latch and LED taillights as add ons.

License Plates

#5. What laws are associated with traveling cross state lines?

If you’re traveling, planning ahead of time is definitely necessary. Consider the state you live in and the ones you are traveling through. You will want to check with your local Department of Motor Services for current updates and facts. Remember, laws are always changing!

#6. Aluminum or Steel?

While this may be partially personal preference, you need to decide if you want an aluminum enclosed trailer or a steel enclosed trailer. While aluminum trailers are lighter, they are also slightly higher in price point, which also means they have a higher resell value. Both steel and aluminum trailers will require maintenance to ensure longevity.

#7. Ramp Gate or Barn Doors?

Depending on what you are hauling, you will need different styles of doors. The ramp door is a must have if you will be driving something, like a vehicle or snowmobile, onto the trailer. If you are needing a trailer to haul inventory and cargo though, such as items to sell at swap meets, then the barn doors would be more beneficial as you will end up with slightly more interior space.

ramp doors enclosed cargo trailer

#8. What is my budget?

It’s important to ask yourself all the above questions to determine what your cost will be during the decision-making process of purchasing a enclosed cargo trailer. As always, choosing the best option for you, your business or current project is a good place to start.

#9. Have a unique project that doesn’t allow your cargo to fit in the basic dimensions?

We know how important it is for your trailer to work for you – that’s why we provide custom trailers to fulfill your needs. Some customizations we’ve done include adding height to the trailer, adding awning doors, installing in-trailer shelving, and including pop-out tents in trailers. Whatever your trailer dreams, we’ll strive to make them a reality.

#10. Is there anything else I need to consider?

At M&G, we’re sure to have the perfect trailer for anyone including tradesmen’s, business owners and sports enthusiasts! We want to make sure all of your questions are answered to ensure you leave satisfied. We have a large inventory of manufacturers and are certain you will find something to fit your needs. Give us a call, send us an email or visit us onsite.

Need a New Enclosed Cargo Trailer? 10 Questions To Ask Before You Buy.

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