When the weather turns frosty and you’re trapped in a small space – like an RV – relieve the boredom with activates, games, and crafts that don’t take up a lot of room but offer big distraction.

Binge Watch

Put together a pot of chili in the Crock-Pot and settle in for a guilty pleasure binge of your favorite shows, old movies, or the trendy hits you haven’t had time for before the storm. Streaming devices and a Wi-Fi connection have made the need to travel with a stack of well-worn DVDs a thing of the past.  From Bill Nye to the Handmaiden’s Tale, there’s something for just about anyone to wile away a snowy day.

House of Cards

For a couple or a family, break out the cards and get the competitive juices flowing. Card games have a small footprint for storage but offer a big diversion from the lousy weather outside. No longer limited to gin rummy or Crazy 8s, new games offer silly and challenging fun for couple or kids.  Join the Exploding Kittens craze for silly family fun – or get the adults only version – for hours of raucous strategizing.  Popular among the gaming crowd, Lost Cities is a card game for couples with a small board that mixes card play and strategy for time-gobbling fun.

Dice Games

Roll away the hours of snowstorm with a new generation of dice games. The games often travel in tiny pouches and need just a small space to play; confine your rolls in a cake pan or box top if you’re worried about tight quarters. Beyond Farkle and Yahtzee, new games are often modifications of popular games, such as the dice version of the sublime Settlers of Cataan. Others are original, like the crazy Pigs – which uses little pigs instead of dice.


Beat the boredom bug by learning a new skill from languages on free apps such as Duo Lingo or learn from the best with online courses from Coursera.org or Edx.org.  On Coursera you can enjoy lectures and non-graded material for free from top universities in the U.S. Edx.org is a gateway to free online courses from more than a hundred leading institutions including Harvard, MIT and Microsoft.


When the snow – and boredom – pile up, pull out the puzzles and put together some fun.  The New Yorker’s Strategist columnist recommends a couple of 1,000-piece puzzles that seem especially suited to vagabond RVers. Even when you’re snowbound, take an “American Road Trip” by Nashville-based True South. The puzzle maker bases its puzzles on retro-styled original hand-illustrated designs.  Check out the state puzzles by top puzzle manufacturer White Mountain.  The puzzles are challenging and full of state trivia and lore.


Beat the boredom of being snowed in by amping up your creative juices. From needlework to knitting, metal stamping to scrapbooking and jewelry making, there are lots of creative outlets that will beat back boredom without taking over your RV. With online resources and videos aplenty, there’s no reason not to take up a new craft or brush up on an old favorite.

Cooking and Baking

Go shopping in your pantry and take on the challenge of making a mystery meal. Go gourmet or be rustic, from slow cooker cinnamon rolls, to Dutch oven enchilada soup, to stove top corn bread.  Try something new and unexpected; there’s plenty of RV-centric recipes available on popular online cooking sites.

Clean-up, Fix-Up

Relieve RV fever by tackling a clean-up or fix-up project that’s been on the back burner.  A long day indoors is a great time to clean out cabinets, scrub the hard-to-reach corners in the bathroom, replace washers, sew buttons back on, and wipe out the refrigerator. Use your snow-enforced down time to check fire alarm batteries and clean the interior air conditioning or furnace filters.

Blog and Journal

Spend some time journaling – or go ahead and start an online blog – to beat the boredom when you’re snowed in. Journals are great ways to keep your memories alive and add perspective to your journeys.  Add doodles with colored pencils and glue in receipts, tickets and bits and pieces of brochures and menus to give life to your pages. Be bold and start a blog; take your adventures online to inspire others and maybe even earn a little income from page views.

Travel Planning

The next adventure can’t begin until the current one ends. Beat the boredom of a snowy day indoors with planning the next trip.  With maps and google, start the process of plotting your next RV trip and maybe even seal the deal with online reservations.

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