Once the snow melts and the sun shines, local Minnesotans ditch the boots and dig their sandals out of the closet. Yes, it’s 50 degrees, but who cares? No snow, let’s go. From maple syrup tapping to Arbor Day and Apple Blossom Trails, you really can’t miss out on this special season. Check out what spring is really like in Minnesota!


Exploring Apple Blossom Drive


Blossoming apple orchard in springtime in Minnesota

Blossoming apple orchard in springtime.


Have you ever witnessed the beauty of the Apple Blossom Tree Orchards in the spring time? Minnesota is famous for these beautiful trails that go for 100’s of yards. If you and a spouse are looking to have photographs taken, find your local Apple Blossom Trail and take advantage of this breath-taking scenery. If you suffer from allergies and can’t deal with the pollen, stay in the car and take a spin down the Apple Blossom Drive – this stretch of road is located on Highway 61, aka “Great River Road”. Pick some Honeycrisp apples, grab some apple cider, or pick some pumpkins along this scenic route and enjoy what the springtime in Minnesota has to offer.


Participate in Arbor Day


Arbor Day in Minneosta during Springtime

Little Boy Participates in Arbor day


On April 10, 1872, one million trees were planted to help preserve and give back to mother earth. That’s enough trees to fill 12,000 football fields! This 148 year old tradition called “Arbor Day” still exists and is even more important in todays world. Trees are a vital part of our ecological blueprint! They produce oxygen for us to breath, improve water quality by slowly filtering rainwater and protecting aquifers, and also provide shade (if strategically planted) that reduces the cost of our energy bills. Sounds good, right? Every year Minnesotans get together and clean debris, plant gardens and trees on Arbor day! So whether you live in Minnesota, Kansas, or California – consider dedicating this day to give back to Mother Earth. She deserves it!


ATV Riding – Minnesota Style


ATV Riding Down Minnesota Trail

ATV Rider on Soo Line Trail Down in East Minnesota


Spring time in Minnesota means it’s time to load up the ATV’s on your trailer and hit the trails. One of the most popular places to ride in Minnesota and the entire Mid-West is called the Soo Line Trail. Ever heard of it? This 200 mile stretch of dirt road is located in Eastern Minnesota and goes all the way to Wisconsin! So if you’re looking to catch some great views, experience nature in the spring, or have a thrilling adventure with friends – this is it! Some other ATV trails include Moose Walk Trail, Spider Lake Trail and Blue Ox Trail. Don’t have a trailer to load up your toys? Check out our recommended trailers for ATV’s here.


Springtime Maple Syrup Tapping


Springtime Maple Tapping in Minnesota

Springtime Maple Tapping in Minnesota


Maple tapping is a seasonal delicacy that only happens in the springtime. What is it? Well, in Mid February to Mid March, when maple trees experience certain weather conditions (below freezing at night, above freezing during the day) they start to produce a flow of sweet sap that can be collected and turned into Maple Syrup. Although Minnesota only brings in about 1% of the nations syrup supply, it is a great place to learn how this process works and sample some for yourself. The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chanhassen hosts an educational program that attracts over 1500 students per year. They say the best trees to tap for sap are Red, Silver Sugar or Black Maple trees. So, what are you waiting for? The season is almost over – get to tapping!


So what’s spring really like in Minnesota? As far as we’re concerned, a beautiful season with a lot of fun activities and adventures galore. If you’re in need of an enclosed trailer to load up trees during Arbor Day, an ATV Trailer for your ATV trail exploration or a utility trailer for your barrels of Maple Sap – we’ve got you covered. Browse our inventory here, give us a call at 763.506.0930 or visit us at our brand new location, 9387 NW Highway 10 Ramsey, MN 55303 – M & G Trailers.

What's springtime really like in minnesota?


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