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Cargo Trailer Upgrades at M&G Trailer Sales and Service

E-Track Cargo Control

"E Track" is a very common way to secure cargo to either the wall, or the floor of any type of trailer. It's made of 12 gauge steel, powder coated and can be fastened by screws, rivets, or welded. The E track sections come in 10' lengths.
  • E-Track sold by 10 ft stick
  •  E-Track Board Holders
  • D-Rings
  • D-Ring Strap
  • Socket For 2x6 Wood Beam
  • Straps with E-Track clips on each end, 12' Yellow Strap, 16' Gray Strap, 20' Blue Strap

Cargo Control: D-Rings & Tie Points

  • Heavy Duty Recessed D-rings, sit flush to the floor, and attach with (4) 3/8" carriage bolts (on the far left.)
  • Standard Recessed D-Rings, Mount flush on the floor with (3) 5/16" bolts, shown top, second from right.
  • Flush Mount D-rings, sit flat on the floor, no drilling required. Use (2) 5/16" bolts, shown second from left.
  • Rope Ties, used on walls and floors for light duty tie downs, use (2) 3/8" hole centers, shown bottom, second from right.
  • Aluminum Bolt-on Tie Loop, this 1/2" diameter bolt on to be used where a rope tie is desired. Inside diameter of 2" and uses (2) 3/8" bolts, shown top right.
  • Aluminum Weld-on Tie Loop, this 5/8" aluminum loop can be welded to any aluminum trailer for an extra tie surface, shown bottom right.

Exterior Upgrades for Cargo Trailers

Ladder Racks

M&G Trailer carries aluminum ladder racks for both round top (left) and flat top (right) trailers, to fit any width trailer.
*not including installation

Extended Loading Ramps

This extended transition ramp was installed to extend the ramp length, which allows you to decrease the load angle of the ramp. This can be used for loading vehicles with low ground clearance, to keep valances and bumpers from being damaged.

Fuel Fill Doors

M&G carries these Fuel Fill Doors, which are installed on the exterior wall of cargo trailers, to make it easier to fill gas tanks of snowmobiles and ATV's without the use of a gas can. Installation prices vary depending if the interior of your trailer is finished. Call 763-506-0930 for an estimate.

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