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Jacks & Accessories for Sale in Ramsey, MN

Tongue Jack Wheel

Poly 2"X6" caster for 1 3/4" tube. 2,000lb capacity. $19.95

Jack Extension


Stabilizer Jacks

These scissor leveling jacks can be installed on the frame of any trailer to be used to level the trailer and stabilize weight. Each jack is rated at 7,500lbs ea/15,000lbs per pair. $150.00 includes two jacks and two cranks.

Sand Plate

Steel 3 1/2"X7 1/2" jack foot, keeps your jack tube from pushing into the sand, asphalt, etc. $12.95, includes pin.

Drop Leg Jack

These easy to use stabilizer jacks conveniently tuck up out of the way for travel and can extend from 11" (fully retracted) to 18" (fully extended). These jacks are $49.99 each, and can be either welded or bolted to the bottom of the frame.

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