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Motorcycle Trailer Upgrades at M&G Trailer Sales and Service

M&G Trailer has several customization options for motorcycle trailers, both enclosed and open. See below for some options that M&G has to offer. If you're looking for something and don't see it listed, contact us today at 763-506-0930.

Condor Wheel Chocks

Condor Wheel Chocks hold the motorcycle up so securely, that one person is needed to load or unload any motorcycle and only two tie down straps are required. The Condor Wheel Chocks hold up to a 3,000lb motorcycle with 14"-22" wheels.
The Pit Stop/Trailer Stop is lightweight aluminum and can be mounted in a trailer and removed and used on the ground in your garage to change oil, in your driveway when you wash and detail or in your pits at the track.

Tow Rex Wheel Chock

The Tow Rax motorcycle wheel chock is made of heavy duty steel and chrome finished.

Pingel Wheel Chock

The Pingel motorcycle wheel chock is made of heavy duty steel and chrome finished. The Pingel wheel chock can be either permanent or removable and have separate models for street bikes and dirt bikes. 

Pingel "E Track" Wheel Chock

M&G Trailer carries the Pingel "E Track" wheel chocks that are designed to utilize E Track on the floor of your trailer, for transporting your motorcycle. There are two different models of this wheel chock, one that utilizes the above floor E track, and the other accommodates the recessed E track in the floor.
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