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Snow Trailer Salt Shields for Sale in Ramsey, MN

Triton Salt Shield

Triton Tilt bed Salt shields are great for any brand trailer fitting up to 8.5' Wide. Starting price at $350 Perfect for protecting your ATV, UTV or Sled. You can install yourself or we can do it in as little as 30 minutes.

Triton Aluminum Salt Shield

Triton #06942 DOS drive off salt shield for your V-front trailer used for easy drive-off unloading and also acts as a salt shield while pinned in the UP position. Rubber mounted side brackets make for a rattle free, solid shield while transporting. $550 includes hardware for installation.


The Floe Ramp Shield is Floe's multi-purpose solution that provides the ultimate in protection and convenience. It's engineered to eliminate the center gap common with other folding shields and made of a rugged extruded aluminum design and has impact resistant plastic sheeting for a practical drive off surface. The Floe Ramp Shield sells for $911.00 with all stainless fasteners for installation.

Aluma Drive Off Salt Shield

Aluma drive off salt shields are designed for easy unloading of your sleds and ATV's off the front of your V-front Aluma trailer, while acting as a salt shield when pinned up. $931.00, includes hardware for installation.

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