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Traction for Sale in Ramsey, MN

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Caliber Trax Grabber

The Caliber Trax Grabber is made from high-impact plastic that can take just about anything you throw at them. They give you the grip you need to easily load your trailer and they come with a lifetime warranty. Best of all, they work with all track types! Includes 2 pieces and a hardware kit. Click here for more information.

Caliber TraxMat

The grooves on the bottom of this mat help prevent moisture from remaining between the mat and the trailer floor, keeping your trailer safe from deck rot. This is the best snowmobile traction mat available on the market!

  • TraxMat - 54"
  • TraxMat - 72"

Caliber Grips

Get better control and feel confident with the Caliber Grips System that prevents spinning while loading your snowmobile. These grips are made from HDPE plastic which make them last long and stay in their original shape. They also won’t freeze to the trailer deck.

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