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Welding & Fabrication at M&G Trailers

M&G Trailer has the capability to do welding and fabrication on all parts incorporated with steel and aluminum trailers. If you're looking to repair, or modify your trailer, contact the Service Department at M&G at 763-506-0930.

Skid House Trailers

M&G has modified several of these Aluma 8612T's for a customer that sells fish houses. We've extended tongues, added winch brackets, winch strap rollers, and heavier duty axles.

Gooseneck Damage Repair

This is a 36' steel goose-neck trailer that was damaged in an accident, and the neck was bent on the front 2' of frame. The front angle of the frame was cut off, and replaced with a new frame section and goose-neck coupler.

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