Winter is coming and that means it is time to load up the snowmobile and hit the fresh powder. As much fun as winter can be, it can also be a hassle sometimes when it comes to maintaining your snowmobile trailer. You can avoid the hassle and get right onto the fun by making some upgrades for your snowmobile trailer. So, let’s look at some of the upgrades that our M&G Trailers staff recommend for keeping your trailer safe in the winter!

Snow Trailer Salt Shields

First, if you’ve driven in snow, you know that salt road chemicals are extremely corrosive. In order to protect your trailer and precious cargo, a salt shield is almost a necessity when you live in a state where it snows. Everyone knows that salt can be damaging to your vehicles, and a salt shield is there to help prevent this damage from taking place. By using a salt shield, you will protect your trailer from corrosion and thus extend its life.


Tie Down Bars

Next, we always recommend tie down bars. Because, when the temperature drops, it can become difficult to traditionally tie down your snowmobile to your trailer. Additionally, if the deck gets icy, it can make it almost impossible to find your tie down locations. In other words, it can be a struggle to secure you snowmobile. Snow tie down upgrades are the perfect upgrade that can make it super simple to tie down your snowmobile even in the most frigid temperatures.

Edge Glides

Snowmobile Loading Ramps

Similarly, if you want to make loading and unloading your snowmobile a breeze, then these snowmobile loading ramps are perfect for you! Snowmobile loading ramps offer the convenience and ease of access you want on your trip. Don’t waste time fussing over time-consuming loading and unloading. Hit the powder in record time with easy-to-use loading ramps!

Ski Guides

Another upgrade that we recommend are ski guides. Ski guides are the perfect accessory to protect your trailer floor. The way snowmobiles can easily damage your trailer floor by gouging and scratching with their studded tracks. In order to prevent this damage and maintain not only your trailer but also your snowmobile tracks, ski guides are the upgrade you need this winter.


First, you could make your snowmobile easier to transition from your trailer to the ramp with flex glides. These glides are adjustable so that they will fit any V-nose trailer. In addition to the flex glides, we recommend installing edge glides. Edge glides create a gradual transition from your trailer ramp to the ground, so you don’t get stuck. Undoubtedly, they make loading and unloading a snowmobile even easier.


Next, we would suggest that every loading trailer be equipped with traction. Having traction gives you braking control while loading or unloading your snowmobile. Because they give you the grip you need to easily load your trailer, installing traction is a safety must! It will keep your trailer safe from deck rot. You can check our website for different options for upgrading the traction in your trailer.

So, before you hit the powder this winter, make sure your snowmobile trailer is up to snuff. Make sure you have your salt shields, tie down bars, snowmobile loading ramps, ski guides, glides and traction! If you need help selecting the best upgrades for you, contact the experts here at M&G Trailer sales to find what would work best for your unique needs. Once your trailer is ready, you just need to decide where to go snowmobiling in Minnesota! Or you can also visit the trails that we at M&G Trailer Sales deem the best Minnesota snowmobile trails!

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